Celebrating Support – Celebrating Peer Supporters

Peer Supporters are incredibly important to new mums who are struggling with their breastfeeding journey. They provide ‘mother-to-mother’ support with non-judgemental, evidence-based information that supports pregnant women and nursing mothers to achieve their breastfeeding goals. They are Children’s Centre volunteers who have breastfed their own child/ren and received additional training in breastfeeding (as well as other aspects of specific training from the Children’s Centres themselves). Breastfeeding Peer Supporters are trained to support healthy breastfeeding mothers with healthy term infants – any specific breastfeeding problems will always be referred to a health professional / specialist.

Would you like to become a Peer Supporter in Thanet?

We will be running another training course in Ramsgate from September 2017. For more information on this course and what the role itself entails, you can call Danielle (Children’s Centres Breastfeeding Champion) on 03000 41 10 42 or email Billie (Peer Support Lead) on billie@psbcic.org.bf Peer Supporter Training Poster

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