Over the next couple of weeks we will see celebrations of breastfeeding across the UK as we have National Breastfeeding Awareness Week followed by National Breastfeeding Celebration Week running from now to the 30th June. This year, the focus is on support; the support that families and communities can give to each other, as well as the support that is available from professionals (and others) to help every mum reach her own breastfeeding goal.


Support to breastfeed is a really big deal; it is widely accepted that good, timely support is required to help mothers achieve their goals. When a woman feels supported she is more likely to have a positive experience, which is important for everyone; mum, baby and all close by. The reason behind awareness weeks like these is to start the conversation; the purpose being to share information and make sure that everyone, including every pregnant woman and every new mother, can make an informed choice. That bit is important – knowledge is power after all!


We look forward to sharing more breastfeeding information with you over the next few days J In the mean-time, if you would like any more information about the support available to breastfeeding parents, you can take a look here: